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Hiya! I'm ANN. 19. Asian/Filipina. Nurse-in-the-making and Still-in-progress. Loving-life-and-living-for-Jesus. Love Stories are the sweetest. Love is waiting. 

All Things Work Together For Good. ~ Romans 8:28


Beautiful Angel/s

50 Shades of Grace #SpokenWords

'Sex outside marriage is a pleasure; it's pleasure with consequences that cannot be measured because suddenly, you're not 100% you.' 👊😨💔


Everybody, put your praise up!! ツ #NoOtherName #nyxzoe #August1 (at Soul Superclub Sport)


Ang love ni Lord push ng push. ♥ #NoOtherName #nyxzoe

Strengthening my spirit; feeding my soul. Preparing for #nyxzoe #NoOtherName (at Lawa-an Roxas City.)

Lalala… #nyxzoe


Our Father, all of heaven ROARS Your name! #NoOtherName #nyxzoe

Keep Calm and Smile cos TAGAPAGLIGTAS is coming!! ^_^ #nyxzoe (at First Assembly Roxas Mission)


Brothers from another mothers. #lateupload #photobooth #Outbreak2014

When people get into relationships and their blog that was once devoted to God, becomes more devoted to their boyfriend or girlfriend… Sigh.


This is kinda random

Hi :)

My name is Tabetha, I’m 17 years old. I’m from Hazel Green, Alabama in the USA and I just wanted to tell you that your tumblr is very encouraging. I have felt so many times that I was the only Christian Girl out there waiting for her future spouse. I have never dated anyone or kissed anyone and I plan (like you) to have my 1st kiss on my wedding day. So I guess more than anything, this is suppose to be an encouraging post. You are NOT alone. There are girls out there like me and you who trust God and who get lonely, discouraged, who feel unwanted and who just want to be loved. But the good news for us is that we already have someone for all those times that we feel that way ha ha :) and that’s Jesus.

If you haven’t read this book yet, I think you definitely should. It’s called “Lady in Waiting” by Jackie Kendall and it is phenomenal! I’m only on chapter 3 but it is already giving me a reality check.

Thank You for your posts, please please keep it up! If you have a Twitter I would love to follow you.

Thanks for everything :)


I listen to #Skillet when I’m depressed; and then BOOM! Don’t you just love them, too? ;))) #inspire #life #keepcalm

My heart will sing; No other name… Jesus! #JoelHouston #wallpaper

Cos we realized, it’s not that bad to spend more than P15.00 for this super foood. If you know what I mean. Hahaha :)